Email MX and Backup MX Service

Email MX and Backup MX Service

Can your business afford to lose e-mails if your internet connection or mail server dies or you suffer a power cut? Our backup MX service will automatically queue your e-mail messages until your connection or mail server comes back online, then deliver them. This is sometimes also known as a “store and forward service”.

Maybe your provider does not allow you to receive or send mails via port 25? Just point your MX record to our server and we forward your mails to any port you choose.

  • Never lose an e-mail again because of server downtime, power outages, loss of internet or other disaster.
  • While your server is down, optionally our web mail will allow all users of the domain to login and view queued messages for their individual mailboxes.
  • DNSBL’s block unwanted SPAM

Fixed cost – no setup fees, no mailbox limitations and no commitment! *

We will queue messages for you up to 14 days and provide unlimited data storage and bandwidth

Unlimited email storage
While you’re down, we’ll get it all — no matter how big.

Backup queue
We offer backup queuing for unexpected downtime on a main MX server for 10 days, storing and forwarding when you’re ready.

DNSBL filtering
We filter our mail against our DNSBL (DNS black hole list), filtering and discarding any email with bad intentions.

Following features can be booked optional:

  • DNSBL anti-spam filtering
  • Mail Archiving
  • Web Interface so that each user can login to view their individual mailbox with queued messages

The service requires the customer to arrange additions to their domain’s DNS record entries with their current service provider. We can provide assistance with this configuration if required.

* Fees payable quarterly or annually in advance. All prices exclude VAT and are subject to credit checks and our normal terms and conditions of sale.


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