No business can run without e-mail today. It is essential and sometimes legally required to reliable store and archive mails to endure over time.

e-Mail-Clients alone cannot stand this task! Do not risk to lose your PST files! Please check our Archiving HowTo

For that reason we offer the FindMail.eMail Server as a solution to run in your own data center. Optional offer it as a hosted solution in Microsoft Azure.

  • Regulatory Compliance and eDiscovery
  • Total Protection Against Data Loss
  • Reduce IT Costs
  • Independence and Security
  • Reduce the Workload of Mail Servers
  • One-Click Restore for All Users
  • Elimination of Mailbox Quotas
  • Simplify Mail Server Backup and Restore


  • We are very satisfied with the product and its ease of installation and administration.

  • Most of our users were long awaiting such a tool!

  • I found Aloaha to be the easiest to use and it is running flawlessly

  • Aloaha FindMail for Exchange is an excellent tool to end the .pst hell.

  • Installing Aloaha FindMail meant a reduction in disk space used plus there was no need to upgrade disks in servers.

  • When companies rely on things like legal hold for law suits, the ability to quickly find mail from employees is a major benefit

  • Mail auditing has been proven a number of times to be very helpful to trace email communications

  • Aloaha meets the requirements set forth for a financial institution of our size and type

  • Aloaha Archiver always performs flawlessly and competent tech support is available when needed

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